Roblox Bitesize

Roblox Bitesize is a video series where we teach you how to use Roblox Studio from installing the software to learning how to build a Roblox game. Each tutorial will be self contained and designed to showcase a feature of Roblox Studio or how to add certain functionality to a game. We will show you how to add in game items and how to use the LUA scripting language to code your game. If you complete all of the tutorials you will have the knowledge to create great Roblox games.

Roblox Bitesize #1, Installing Roblox Studio

Here Jack will show you how to download and install Roblox Studio ready to make great Roblox games.

Roblox Bitesize #2, A Quick Introduction to Roblox Studio

In this video Leo will run through various features in Roblox Studio such as adding items to the game world, change item properties and where to add your LUA code.

Roblox Bitesize #3, Creating a Game Clock

In this video Jack will take you through creating a block with text added to it’s surface. He will then create a script to change the text on the block. In this case it will be a timer counting how many minutes and seconds the game has been running for but you can use these techniques to add any text that you want to a surface using the SurfaceGUI object. Click here to play this in Roblox.

Roblox Bitesize #4, Interacting with Objects

Leo will take you through a script that detects if an object is touched and how to handle that through an event. This is the start of what we need to create a game, in order for a game to work we will need to know when objects in our game world touch.