About Us


This is the name of our YouTube channel and the umbrella that all of our work will be published under. To play our games or view our tutorials in Roblox search for LJSoftware. We hope to create some great games in the future and show people what can be done in Roblox with a bit of imagination. When we get really good we will sell things on Roblox and become Roblox millionaires.


I’m Leo and I love playing Roblox. My favourite game on Roblox is Pet Simulator X; I love to buy pets and areas for my pets to explore. The colours and facial expressions of the pets are out of this world. My brother Jack wants to make Roblox games but I’m more interested in doing the lets play videos, making games is so hard!

If your on Roblox look me up.


I’m Jack and I am so excited about making Roblox games, It’s going to be hard learning how to use Roblox Studio but it will be worth it when were making great games. I’ve put everything that you need to know about making games in the bitesize section of this website. I hope you find this site helpful and enjoy playing our creations in Roblox.